The Leasing with Purchase Option, or the credit lease (for new or used vehicles) allows you to take advantage of the best of the financing methods, halfway between the classic credit (where you are the owner) and the long term rental (where you are the lessee). 

The LOA allows you to rent a new or used vehicle, private or commercial, with the best offer adapted to your needs, while enjoying tax advantages.

  • At the beginning of the contract, the lessee chooses the characteristics of his contract according to the use of the vehicle and his tax needs. 

  • At the end of the contract, the LOA leaves you free to decide to:

  • Become the owner by executing the option to purchase the vehicle by paying the last installment at a price agreed in advance.

  • To return your vehicle, in order to change it for a new one 

    Various packages are offered with financing including services and contracts.

    If you like to change your car regularly, without worrying about the conditions of resale, the LOA is the right financing method for you.

Adaptable conditions

The duration of the financing and the amount of your rents are entirely customizable. You choose your repayment terms: 1st rent may be increased, subsequent rents linear, progressive or decreasing.

Become an owner?

If you wish, you can become the owner by exercising the purchase option at the end of the financing period or at any time at the end of the first year of rental.

Easier accounting

You record your rent as an operating expense and the operation does not appear on your company's balance sheet. 

The offer in details:

Take advantage of a leasing formula that allows you to become the owner of the vehicle by exercising the purchase option at the end of the financing or at any time at the end of the first year of the lease.
You can combine your lease with optional services (extended warranty, maintenance, insurance, etc.).
You choose your repayment terms: first rent may be increased, subsequent rents may be linear or in stages...


- Preserved financing capacity: rents are accounted for as "operating expenses" in your income statement;
- Recoverable VAT: for companies that are liable for VAT on the rental of commercial vehicles; 
- Possibility to acquire the vehicle by exercising the purchase option.

My vehicle is financed by an LOA, what insurance can I take out ?

We suggest you to subscribe to the Security Replacement insurance which will give you a maximum guarantee in case of a total loss of your vehicle (theft/wreck).
It is also recommended that you take out Death/Disability insurance: this coverage will protect you and your loved ones against the hazards of life.
Finally, our LOCAVIE offer will allow you to return your vehicle free of charge in case of personal events (birth, marriage, death...).