Unlike traditional long-term leasing, leasing with an option to purchase (or LOA) is a form of car leasing that allows you to become the owner of the car you are leasing, if you so choose.

Depending on availability at our Stellantis brand network partners and dealers, you will be able to choose, and even customize, your vehicle across all our ranges: town cars, sedans, station wagons, SUVs or utility vehicles.

As a tailor-made financing solution, auto LOAs offer many advantages:

  • Affordable leases adapted to how you will use your vehicle.
  • Financing solutions with or without down payment.
  • The option to purchase the vehicle as early as the 12th installment thanks to clearly explained intermediate purchase options.
  • The option to become the owner of the vehicle at the end of the contract by paying the purchase option.

In your auto leasing contract with option to purchase, you have the option to add various services to cover all your needs. But you only pay a single monthly installment.
Among the services associated with LOAs, you can opt for additional insurance, a new vehicle extended warranty and various maintenance services. And of course take advantage of our Stellantis Auto Insurance offer.