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Launched in 2013, Distingo Bank is a deposit activity of Banque Stellantis France, a joint venture between Santander Consumer Finance and Stellantis Financial Services. It offers 100% online savings solutions for the particular, with some of the highest rates of return on the market: the Savings Book and the Fixed Term Deposit (FTD). 

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Distingo Bank is now celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it is an opportunity to review its history over the years:

  • April 2013: Launch of the online bank by Banque PSA Finance, under the trademark "PSA Banque". Marketing of a single savings product: the DISTINGO Savings Book.
  • End of 2013: PSA Bank is well above its business targets with 25,000 customers and 950M€ collected in less than 10 months.
  • March 2014: Launch of the Distingo 2-years Fixed Term Account
  • January 2015: Launch of the Distingo mobile app so that each customer can view their Savings Book and Futures Account at a glance and make their transfers securely.
  • April 2015: Activity transferred to its SOFIB subsidiary in April 2015, 50% co-company owned by Banque PSA Finance & Santander Consumer France.
  • March 2016: Launch of the DISTINGO 1-year Fixed Term Account
  • February 2017: Launch of the Distingo 3-years Fixed Term Account.
  • January 2020: 100% open online implemented. Now the account opening process of the Distingo savings can be done 100% online without returning documents (contracts, vouchers, etc.). Redesign of the public site with a new charter & graphic Identity.
  • October 2020: Change of bank provider, to Coparties subsidiary of BNPP group. Redesign of our private space & mobile app to offer an optimized customer experience based on our customers' recommandations.
  • June 2021: Launch of a series of 12 podcasts "Savings Secrets": Discussions with experts on saving issues. Examples: "Saving to invest in real estate" with Sandra Viricel or "Preparing for the arrival of a child" with the intervention of Benjamin Muller.
  • July 2022: Launch of the "Members get Members" program for its clients.
  • April 2023: Distingo by PSA BANQUE becomes Distingo Bank and celebrates its 10th anniversary. On this occasion, Distingo Bank is taking on a new look with a new site built on the principles of eco-design with a strong visual identity revised to promote accessibility.


  • Some of the best rates: one of the highest performing and attractive remuneration on the market.
  • Funds available 24/7: your funds and their returns are available at any time.
  • Zero-cost savings: no opening, managing or closing fees and no change of bank.
  • Secure investments: your savings are protected, capital and interest are guaranteed up to 100,000€ by the Deposit Guarantee and Resolution Fund.
  • Investment in the real economy: your savings Your savings are reinjected into the French economy and contribute to the automobile business of Stellantis.
  • 100% online subscription and management: The Distingo Bank application allows you to manage your accounts easily. Our advisors are at your service by telephone, email or chat from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.
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Distingo Bank received the Label of Excellence 2023 in "Les dossiers de l'Épargne" for the eighth consecutive year. A guarantee of quality, it is awarded by an independent organization of banks and insurance companies to the best savings accounts on the market.

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A complete range of tools to support savers in their life projects

Distingo Bank uses its banking expertise to serve future savers through a variety of online content, including interest simulators that enable our future customers to determine the ideal scenarios to realize their projects from their savings capacity.

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The MAG DISTINGO and the new audio podcast series "Savings Secrets" deal with various investment-related topics and offer tips and practical tips, some of which are dedicated to young people, to guide them in their projects.

In line with these different using tools, MAG DISTINGO & podcasts, Distingo Bank launched a coaching module in early 2022, to enable its savers to follow the achievement of their objectives and to support them. With one click, they can get a concrete overview of the time and investments needed to make the contribution that will be used for their future home purchase, to finance the world they have always dreamed of, to fuel their precautionary savings more than ever in times of crisis or to finance their children’s education.

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DISTINGO Bank also makes its press releases and press kits available to the press so that journalists and media can keep up to date with our new and main actions. Find all this directly in our Press Room.