Looking for an adaptable financing solution? Thanks to our Sale on Credit (SOC) offers, finance the acquisition of your vehicle on credit and choose your repayment period.

Stellantis Financial Services offers you the easiest way to finance the purchase of your vehicle, which adapts to your needs and your budget. With a wide range of services designed for your peace of mind when it comes to new car financing.

  • This offer allows you to finance your business vehicle over a period of 12 to 72 months, with constant or tiered payments.
  • You can finance your vehicle with or without a down payment and combine your loan with "a la carte" services.

Available for:

Customer: individual, independent and company.

Vehicle: new and used; tourist and commercial.

If you engage our linear financing, you will benefit from the following advantages:

ADAPTABILITY: A controlled cash flow

You can acquire your new vehicle with ease. Take advantage of our wide range of services. To reduce your payments, choose the Balloon CAV where the monthly repayments (except for the last one) are lower than for a traditional loan.

NO SURPRISES: Adapted payment terms 

With our traditional financing you will always keep the same rate and at the end of the contract:

  • In CAV the car is yours.
  • In Balloon CAV, you can decide to keep the vehicle (if you pay the last balloon payment) or the seller takes the vehicle back at the balloon rate. It's easy!


If you wish, you can combine additional services with your CAV Pro: warranty extension for new or used vehicles, maintenance and assistance, maintenance, insurance, ...


Our professionals will help you with everything you need so that you always find the financing model that suits you best and will provide you with all the information related to the financing contract.

My vehicle is financed with a Classic Credit or Balloon Credit, what insurance can I take out?

We invite you to subscribe to the Car Value Protection insurance which will allow you to benefit from an optimal guarantee in case of total loss of your vehicle (theft/wreck).
We also recommend that you take out Death and Disability insurance to cover you and your loved ones against the hazards of life.