Available as an option and sometimes offered with an online purchase, the Flex & Free service was designed to offer a no-strings solution to our customers, allowing them to return the vehicle before the end of the contract, depending on their life situation, or sometimes without conditions.

With Flex & Free, our customers can modify their contract according to their personal, professional or financial situation, with flexibility. This offer allows them to adapt quickly and easily to changes in their daily lives.

Our aim is to simplify life and optimize the satisfaction of our customers: for example, the customer can rent a vehicle for 48 months, for 10,000 to 20,000 kms per year, with or without input. You can pay fixed monthly payments, and end the rental when you want (from the 6th month) with a 2 month notice. No advance refund penalty or additional charges will be paid except for any refurbishment fee or additional kms.

Flex & Free offers our customers a flexible and convenient option, allowing them to benefit from a mobility solution without the usual constraints of car rental contracts!