What if you could stay in control of your plans?

What if you could always drive a new car and replace it on a regular basis? With our “all-inclusive” offers, we give you the option to renew your vehicle when your financing ends while preserving your budget. Enjoy your freedom with Stellantis Financial Services and finance your vehicle at the best cost.

How does it work?

Our “all-inclusive” offers allow you to control your monthly budget, including financing, insurance and services. Unforeseen expenses are a thing of the past!

The advantages of our “all-inclusive” offers:

  • Affordable monthly payments,
  • Up to 100% financing of your vehicle,
  • Choice of vehicle and financing solution in one step at the point of sale or online,
  • No need to worry about reselling the vehicle: return it to your point of sale and leave with the vehicle of your choice without breaking your budget.

We offer an alternative to this offer that lets you: 

  • reduce the amount of your monthly payments and, at the end of the contract,
  • become the owner of your vehicle by paying the last installment, which corresponds to the residual value,
  • or return it to your point of sale and choose a new vehicle with a new financing solution from Stellantis Financial Services.